Nurse Pinning Ceremony Welcomes 31 Students to Nursing Profession

In a ceremony held August 16 in the Wildcat Theater at Weber State University, 31 graduating Practical Nurse students officially joined the nursing profession.

Student speaker Kristopher Yarrington (a HOSA gold medalist and NTHS inductee) shared some memories of the students' struggles and triumphs through the Practical Nurse program. Faculty member Wendy Paul told the students about nurses' duties from a century ago, reflecting on how much the profession has changed and how important nurses are in people's lives. Director of Programs Leslie Mock presented awards to several students, and Jodie Buttars told students about the history of the nursing pin. After reciting the Florence Nightingale Pledge, students walked across the stage one by one as they were presented their nursing pins. 

Davis Tech Administrators Michael J. Bouwhuis, Russell Galt, Darin Brush, Kim Ziebarth, and Julie Blake also attended the ceremony. 

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