Davis Tech wins 21 medals at SkillsUSA

Official SkillsUSA-Utah results are in! We are proud to announce that Davis Tech students won a total of 21 medals. Here's a list of the winners:

• Jayd Jacobson, Barbering (Post-Secondary)
• Spencer McBride, CNC Milling Specialist (Post-Secondary)
• Austin Bloomer, CNC Turning Specialist (Post-Secondary)
• Harmony Haner, Commercial Baking (High School)
• Isabella Holm, Culinary Arts (High School)
• Elizabeth Otero, Esthetics (Post-Secondary)
• Keith Ashby, Plumbing (High School)
• Ben Godwin, Welding Sculpture (Post-Secondary)
• Andrew Hill, Welding Sculpture (High School)

• Joshua Clark, CNC Technician (Post-Secondary)
• Kaylee Mitchell, Commercial Baking (High School)
• Phillip Harmston, Electrical Construction Wiring (Post-Secondary)
• Claire Baird, Esthetics (Post-Secondary)
• Preston Justensen, Welding (Post-Secondary)
• Braden Thornock, Welding Sculpture (Post-Secondary)

• Kinzi Erdel, Esthetics (High School)
• Savannah MacArthur, Nail Care (High School)
• Tyson Butler, Plumbing (Post-Secondary)
• Garrett Fearn, Plumbing (High School)
• Dolorex Blanc, Restaurant Service (Post-Secondary)
• Team E (Hunter Wilson, Emilia Eckenfelder, Kaden Marcus), Welding Fabrication (Post-Secondary)
Congratulations to all of you for your hard work! Gold medalists will go on to the national contest, which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky June 25-29.