Tyler Beyeler, Student of the Year

Davis Applied Technology College is proud to announce the selection of Tyler Beyeler, a Practical Nurse student, as its 2016 Student of the Year.

 Considering Tyler’s love for competing, leading, and the occasional adrenaline rush, it’s no surprise that he would enter the Student of the Year competition.

 Tyler began his nearly lifelong obsession with biking as a teenager. He moved from biking Davis County’s mountain trails to competing on the national circuit to raising money for patrol bikes for the Kaysville Police Department.

 As a student, Tyler will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He began his DATC career in the Certified Nurse Assistant program while still in high school. He came back to DATC for the Surgical Technology program. Although he enjoyed working in Surgical Technology, his dream was still calling.

 “I really want to be a flight nurse,” Tyler says, “and the only way to get to that goal is through the Practical Nurse program.”

 Becoming a flight nurse is a long road, but Tyler is determined to reach his goal. “Tyler has been identified already as a leader among his peers, and has been elected the class president,” says his instructor, Chantel Johnson. While in school, Tyler works in a hospital emergency room, and that’s where his commitment to his future was tested.

 One night, Tyler was called to the trauma room, knowing only that the incoming patient was in full arrest. Tyler’s own heart nearly stopped when he saw the patient–an eight-week-old infant.

 This was the moment when everything Tyler had learned in school was tested. He’d prepared for emergencies such as these in school, but the sight of a baby on the gurney caused adrenaline to rush through him as never before.

 Tyler and his team successfully resuscitated the infant. When the medical flight team arrived to transport the patient, Tyler watched their efficiency and skill as he helped them prepare the infant for transport. When he had time to think about what had happened, Tyler was more inspired than ever before. He knew how important the medical team had been in saving that tiny life, and, like those flight nurses, Tyler wanted to continue making a difference.

 After he graduates from DATC, Tyler wants to continue his education. He plans to become a Registered Nurse and then build the years of experience necessary to become a flight nurse.

 In the meantime, Tyler will represent DATC at the Utah College of Applied Technology’s Student of the Year competition. Tyler already won $1,000 cash and a $2,000 scholarship at the local level. The UCAT competition, where he will compete with winners from the seven other UCAT colleges, also offers a chance to win a 2-year car lease. The UCAT Student of the Year winner will be announced February 2 at a gala at the Little America hotel.

 Whether he wins at the state level or not, Tyler is proud to represent DATC. He says, “As a former and current student of the DATC, I have been able to experience the quality of education and care the teachers give to their students in the health professions.”

 DATC congratulates Tyler on his achievements and on becoming the 2016 Student of the Year.