Davis Technical College Announces New Partnership with C.R. England

Davis Technical College is proud to announce a new partnership with C.R. England, a Utah-based leader in the trucking industry. The two organizations signed a contract and celebrated their new relationship at a luncheon held Tuesday, May 16 at Davis Technical College. Several dignitaries from Davis Technical College and C.R. England attended the event, including Davis Technical College President Michael J. Bouwhuis and C.R. England President Josh England.

“The Technical College is very excited to create the sixth national/state training partnership with C.R. England, a national and international leader in the refrigerated transportation industry,” Bouwhuis says. “Most important in this partnership is the advantage C.R. England brings to our students through its expertise which, when combined with our training capabilities, offers a more direct pathway to C.R. England. This partnership will be another jewel in our national and international partner family.”

C. R. England, which began in Plain City, Utah in 1920 and is currently headquartered in Salt Lake City, brings in over $1.4 billion in annual revenue and operates five driving schools. The company employs drivers, office staff, technicians and diesel mechanics to keep C.R. England and its trucks running smoothly at its four major terminals and dedicated locations throughout the nation.

“The transportation industry is in constant need of experienced technicians to keep pace with maintenance and repair of the millions of tractors and trailers that are in service nationwide,” says Josh England, President of C.R. England.  “C.R. England’s partnership with Davis Technical College will provide us with a reliable source for skilled technicians who can immediately fill roles with our company while at the same time offering Davis Technical College students training from recognized experts in the diesel technician industry.  We look forward to a long-term relationship that will introduce Davis Technical College students to a career in a vibrant and expanding industry.”  

The partnership pathway offers new career potential for students in Davis Technical College’s Diesel/Heavy Duty Technology program. Currently, the program enrolls between 70-80 students and places 100 percent of its students.

“This partnership will lead to increased employment opportunities,” says Tim Richard, Diesel/Heavy Duty Technology instructor, whose students typically find work as local diesel mechanics when they graduate. “Plus, it will lead to more current technology being available to students on site.”

By partnering with C.R. England, Davis Technical College will leverage its equipment and resources, keep pace with changing technology and avoid passing expenses to students through tuition and fees. Not only will students form relationships with a potential employer, they will also benefit from C.R. England’s expertise and enjoy access to the company’s most current technology, including advances in safety, fuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Partnering with C.R. England will also lay the groundwork for other partnerships for Davis Technical College with national vendors, suppliers and manufacturers, and for C.R. England’s increased exposure as an employer in the Davis County community.

As an employer of nearly 8,000 people, C.R. England constantly recruits and trains employees. This partnership will augment these endeavors as Davis Technical College becomes a central hub for C.R. England to train and develop its workforce, whether they are students beginning their careers or industry employees seeking career advancement.

“The motor carrier transportation industry needs thousands of experienced technicians to keep pace with the millions of tractor/trailers in service for the nation’s economy,” says Dave Allred, Director of Management Services at C.R. England. “We see this partnership as an attractive and reliable source for these skilled resources.”