Personnel Policies & Procedures

Employee Acknowledgement FormMar 2015
General Provisions
Official Neutrality Toward Employee OrganizationsSep 2001
Point of Employee Input Policy Feb 2007
Employee Input Team Standing RulesFeb 2007
Anti-Harrassment/Discrimination PolicyOct 2015
Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace; Drug and Alcohol Testing PolicyAug 2003
Conflict of Interest PolicyAug 2003
Network Resources Acceptable Use PolicyJun 2018
Salary and Payroll
Salary and Wage Administration PolicyMar 2018
Classroom Coverage PolicyMar 2018
Overtime Pay, Overload Assignments, and Compensatory Time PolicyJun 2018
Payroll Period PolicyOct 2014
Time Sheet Policy for Employees Working on Federal Grants or ContractsAug 2003
Group Insurance Benefit PolicyJan 2015
Workers' Compensation Insurance PolicyNov 2001
Employee Tax Shelter Programs Policy and ProceduresNov 2001
Flexible Spending Account PolicyMar 2015
Employee Educational Benefit PolicyJun 2018
Vacation Leave Policy and ProceduresOct 2017
Sick Leave PolicyOct 2014
Family Medical Leave PolicyMar 2013
Civic and Funeral Leave PolicyJan 2015
Military Leave PolicyJan 2015
Leaves of Absence Without Payment PolicyMar 2015
Faculty Sabbatical Leave PolicyFeb 2013
Employment Practices
Employee Hours of Work PolicyOct 2017
Personal Conduct PolicyJul 2014
Employee Safety and Workplace Violence Prevention PolicyJun 2018
Research and Copyright PolicyNov 2001
Employee Evaluation Plan Policy and ProceduresMar 2015
Employment Grievances PolicyJun 2018
Personnel Management
Equal Opportunity and NondiscriminationJan 2003
Employee Definitions PolicyMar 2018
Hiring Policy and ProceduresMar 2015
Criminal Background ChecksApr 2011
E-Verify Employment Eligibility AuthorizationApr 2009
Job Descriptions Policy and ProceduresApr 2014
Personnel Records PolicyMar 2003
Volunteer Service PolicyMar 2003
Use of Fitness Center Policy and Procedures Jun 2015
Exercise and Health Activity Policy and ProceduresOct 2017
Professional Development Policy and ProceduresFeb 2017
Animals on CampusAug 2015
Americans with Disabilities Act - Employment Policy and ProceduresApr 2017
Retirement and Termination
Retirement Programs PolicyJan 2015
Social Security Retirement Benefit Policy and ProceduresOct 2011
Early Retirement Incentives PolicyJun 2018
Disciplinary Sanctions of Personnel PolicyFeb 2013
Reduction in Force PolicyMar 2015
Terminated Employee Processing Policy and ProceduresNov 2002